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Name: Ian Kellett
Country: Canada
Intro: Ian is a self taught photographer. Nicknamed "Camera Man" by the young Inuit children in the Arctic. Originating from Australia, lived in the far north of Canada for 5 years and now living on the west coast of Vancouver Island. His passion is nature photography with a particular emphasis on macro work and using natural light on his subjects. He has captured flora from the tiniest Arctic flowers to the largest blooms of central America and all in between! As his skills improve he is taking a greater interest in fauna and landscapes. He appreciates the way constructive criticism of his work helps him to try new things and ultimately improve.
Ian's main photography interest is taking up close macro images of flowers and other interesting subject that captures my eye at the time. My present trend is photographing birds, black bears and waterfalls. All of which can be a challenge to capture with a large lens plus the right exposure due to the movement factor of not standing still for long.
Member Since: 2007-05-08
Camera: Pentax ist*DS, Pentax K10D
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