Charles ParkName: Charles Park
Country: United States
Intro: A long time fan of TrekEarth, I took a bold step recently: I joined it! Along with TrekLens and TrekNature, because I enjoy so much about the world and want to improve my long time hobby- photography. Thanks. See my TrekLens photos here: and my TrekEarth photos here:
Member Since: 2007-09-15
Camera: Canon 10D
Note: None
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United States
Title: Flowers 2
Flowers 2 (4)
ckpark (18)
United States
Title: Leaf 1: Goose Bumps
Leaf 1: Goose Bumps
ckpark (18)
South Korea
Title: Arachnophobia 1
Arachnophobia 1 (2)
ckpark (18)
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