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David SequeiraName: David Sequeira
Country: Portugal
Intro: Hello TN members and thank you for watching my photos. It's a pleasure and a privilege to be a TN member.
I also have a TrekEarth Gallery and a TrekLens Gallery

Since I bought my Canon A80 some months ago I became a photography lover. And now that Iíve found TE TL and TN I became photography amateur. In fact, Te is my most recent hobby.

Iíve learned a lot here just by reading the critics that members do to each other. These site are very useful and plus we can see things or places that we never saw before. Itís like discovering the world. Much better than the Discovery Channel.

Now Iím stopped in the business, but I used to be a graphic designer. I know a lot about Photoshop and image editing. You can see that Iíve made a lot of workshops. Almost one per day.

Thatís something I love to doÖ ďplay with pixelsĒ.

If you need some tips about techniques on WS just tell me.
Member Since: 2004-08-25
Camera: Canon A80, Nikon D40
Note: None
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Title: Leaving the snackNikon D40
Leaving the snack
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Title: Collecting PollenCanon A80
Collecting Pollen (1)
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