Name: Dimitry Zuev
Country: Russia
Intro: hi! Welcome, everyone! :)
I was born in a small town on the South of Russia. Some years ago I
left my sweet home and came to Moscow.
My job is very different. I'm a sound engineer, video editor, cameraman,
and photographer of course! :) Well, you can call me a "creator"... :D
It's joke. But it's true for all members of TL. We create the world
together trying to do it so beautiful.
I was also registered at TrekEarth and TrekLens
Also you can see my homepage: it's just a beginning of my site, but i'll try finalize construction at next week.
Member Since: 2006-12-13
Camera: Canon 20D, Canon 300D REBEL
Note: None
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Title: birds online! :)Canon 300D REBEL
birds online! :)
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