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Name: dom bower
Country: United Kingdom
Intro: Dom Bower initially got into the field of film making in 2003 with a keen interest in Parkour (a french sport), however when he moved to Japan and met numerous other creative people who were all very gifted with the plain photo camera (or example shivan de silva. he was instantly gripped and yearn to take engaging imaginative, thoughtful and illuminating photos.
however he has just started and has no access to photoshop only picasa. hopefully soon he will get and learn photoshop.
Member Since: 2007-07-24
Camera: Canon Powershot S2-IS 12X Zoom, Nikon D 80
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Random photos
Title: Beetle that can fly (first up load)Nikon D 80
Beetle that can fly (first up load) (6)
dombower (28)
Title: Little Moth (2nd up load)Nikon D 80
Little Moth (2nd up load)
dombower (28)
Title: dragon fly close upNikon D 80
dragon fly close up (2)
dombower (28)
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