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Name: Martin Evers
Country: Canada
Intro: Hello, I am from St. Thomas, Ontario, Canada. I have been taking pictures for quite a while, using every thing from instamatics, to SLR, and then digital, now digital SLR. It is hard to say what type of photography I like the most. I have taken a lot of lanscapes, but recently I have become increasingly interested in wildlife photography.

I just started recently on TE, then noticed that this may be a better venu for some of my nature shots.. wildlife etc.
Member Since: 2006-08-22
Camera: Nikon D50
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Title: Feeding RoyaltyNikon D50
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Title: Running DeerNikon D50
Running Deer (2)
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Title: Distracted SquirrelNikon D50
Distracted Squirrel (2)
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