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Name: Daniel Schmitt
Country: Germany
Intro: Hello folks !

I have started photography when i was little. Actually it was my grand-grand father who sponsored me my first camera. I have always been fascinated by the interaction of light, colours and lenses !During a couple of travels i have taken a lot of pictures ( slides ) but unfortunately i dont have a scanner to upload them. Travelling is my main passion, and it has been since I was a kid. With my parents I travelled through Marocco in a Toyota Hyace when I was just 4 years old, I visited most of the European and South East Asian countries, but so far, the country fascinating me the most is definately Indonesia.
A couple of days ago, i was given a nice panasonic digital cam, and finally i can upload pics to trekearth as well. i hope u can give me useful advice, because i ain't a pro, and i am thankful for any kind of support or any hint to do better !

thanks and see you on trekearth ...

bye gopekdonk ...

p.s. "gopek donk" is indonesian slang and it means: "give me 500 rupiah!"
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