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Ghulam Rasool MughalName: Ghulam Rasool Mughal
Country: Pakistan
Intro: Ghulam Rasool Mughal

Born in Gujranwala in the summer of 1976, Ghulam Rasool first encountered wildlife while accompanying his cousins who were avid bird hunters. While bird-hunting afforded an opportunity to see birdlife up close, GRís fascination with birds rapidly matured into a broader interest in all forms of wildlife, their habits and habitats. He acquired his first camera, a relatively ancient Yashica Electro 35 in 1988 and recalls his early attempts to capture the sunrise on the Punjab plains, reflected in the village pond.

After completing his studies in journalism at Punjab University he acquired his first modern camera, a Canon EOS-20D. His rare ability to both harness the highly technical features of the relatively new digital format with an intricate understanding of the ways of wildlife soon began to deliver spectacular results. In July 2005, he was engaged as the professional wildlife photographer of the WWF team which was chosen to implement the Pakistan Wetlands Programme. His task was to capture digital images of as much of Pakistanís biodiversity and landscapes as he could while accompanying the Programmeís research teams to both familiar and remote wetlands through the length and breadth of Pakistan. These sorties ranged from salt marshes and the marine weltlands of the Makran Coast to the icy alpine lakes of the Hindukush, Himalaya and the Karakoram cordilleras.

His growing portfolio of exceptional wildlife photographs has been used extensively in comprehensive awareness-building initiatives of the Wetlands Programme. His bird photographs in particular have also been featured in prestigious publications such as Birding ASIA, the bi-annual magazine of the Oriental Bird Club, as well as in Russell Slack,s acclaimed Rare Birds book.
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