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Name: Heather Russell
Country: Australia
Intro: I have been dabbling in Wildlife photography for over 15years and I have visited many wonderful countries and see some amazing sites: Borneo, Australia, Scotland, South Africa, Canada, US, New Zealand. I moved to Australia over 3years ago and for anyone that hasnít visited the colour of the birds are just so vibrant and breathtaking. I have also seen many breeds of snakes from bright green, brown and black to pink. Unfortunately I have not stuck around for long enough to picture the spiders and for some reason I also get camera shake just as I am about to click the button. Saying that the Andrew Cross just loves the camera. I used an SLR with a 350 lenses for nearly 10 years and around 2years ago I invested in a digital and never looked back. The main draw backs I find are the macro capabilities just donít let you get close enough and the shutter speed is still to slow to capture nature on the move.
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