iantcho zaprianovName: iantcho zaprianov
Country: Hungary
Intro: I am 50-50 bulgaro-hungarian (33) born near to the Black Sea coast and living near to the wonderful Budapest.
Therefore I am making photos. And because my grandfather was a photographer. When he bought me 20 years ago a Beriette b&w camera there was only a question of time when I become too. Now I'm an amateur one.
This small part of the world where I'm travelling means so many beautys, events, sorrows, memorials - many things that telling us storys. So, I have a lot to shot yet!
I make digital and also a lot of SLR photos with Nikon F-601, and made much more with an old Praktica.
Please if you like my photos and even when you do not or would compose something at other way etc. tell me immediately. Best shots,
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Camera: Panasonic DMC FZ - 20 LUMIX, jvc gc-x3
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Title: After the battlejvc gc-x3
After the battle
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Title: Crochusjvc gc-x3
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