Name: James Henry
Country: United States
Intro: Updated Jan 28, 2007

I am trying to actually find time to take more photos and to submit them as well. I may only submit 1 or 2 a month. Please understand I want to continue to enjoy my photos more than the points I receive. I will try to answer and respond to all comments / critiques as soon as I can, however at the present time I am working 6-7 days a week and from 8 to 10 even 12 hours a day.
I will try to visit your photos as my time will allow. But for now I am extremly limited for my time. Please be patient with me.
Thank you.


Just a humble amature, looking to expand my horizons. I hope you all will feel free to comment or critique my photos.
I look forward to learning from each of you.
Thank you for sharing in my photos.

Just remember the photo and the experience at the moment of the photo is what it all breaks down to in the end. If I can just get one person to feel what I felt when I took a particular photo...then to me I have suceeded.

In all my photos I am striving for the truly honest photo. With the barest minimum of post processing. (nature doesnt postprocess when we photograph her). With the exception of a possible increase in saturation I will only be resizing or cropping the photo.

Once again I thank you for your time in viewing my photos and I hope you enjoy them.
My deepest Sincerest thanks.
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