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jean colemontsName: jean colemonts
Country: Brazil
Intro: photographer from since he was 20 years , most of the time as an amateur , now becoming professional , due to the stress with his other job , insurance agent .
Autor of a cd with 180 fotos jpg , of the city of Curitiba , capital of the state of Parana , Brazil .
Also having an image bank of photos and images of curitiba and of the state of parana , brazil , for further informations contact the photographer .
Those fotos focus on the turistic side of the city and also some artistic and personal view.
His nationality is belgium , born in Tongeren , the oldest city of Belgium .
Most of the fotos here presented on trekearth have the intention to demonstrate the city of curitiba , so sometimes the fotos are not so artistic as he would , ( more to the turistic view ) .
In case you want to apreciate more fotos of curitiba you can find them here or here , and some fotos of his country here.
I have a lot of photos of curitiba so if someone wants to use them please just contact. I am also working now with studio , if someone needs special work , i am at your disposition.
You can see some of my professional work here.
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Camera: Canon 300D
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