Jerzy RysName: Jerzy Rys
Country: Poland
Intro: My name is Jerzy.
I was born in the small country town in the region Paluki, in the province Kuyavian- Pomeranian in Poland. My family-country town was situated near Znin, the capital of the region Paluki. There I lived to the beginning time of higher studies in Poznan. Since then elapsed already thirty-three years. The truth, that it is the pretty big piece of the time? Often I think about this, how I used this time. In these thoughts I come back to this small country town. I return to all this, what formed my today′s life. Where belongs to seek the beginning of my adventure with the photograph.

By profession I'm engineer the technologist of modern materials. My hobbies is the electronics and computer techniques. My special hobbies is the work in my garden. These fascinations gave me the joy and the rest during my almost twenty-year-old work in the Poznan Engineering College. But I never supposed, that I would find the new hobby, being with the echo of my youthful years spent on Paluki.

It proved that to these hobbies was the photography. Today it's occupation, which very absorbs me and fascinates. I am a photographer an amateur. In the photograph interests me almost all: the architecture, the man and the nature, the portrait, the landscape and the macrophotography.

In my own work with the camera I use with the analog technique. My own pictures I register on the negative film. I do not reflect which from techniques of photographing is better. I reflect however over this, which photo can stop the time for next generations. Pressing shutter release the camera I always think about the elapsing time...

I did not meet on this portal nor one person, which works did not exert the affirmative brand on my manner of the understanding of the photograph...

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