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Johanna RebName: Johanna Reb
Country: Sweden
Intro: I am trying a bit of everything at the moment about photography. I like a lot taking pictures of the nature, as well as of people and buildings. I don't know yet if I will spend a lot of time here at Treknature, we will see how it turns out.
Please feel free to visit my on-line photo gallery:
Öppen bok
Member Since: 2004-08-04
Camera: Konica Minolta Dimage S414, Canon 20D
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Title: Sunny hat and bumble-bee
Sunny hat and bumble-bee (2)
johannareb (18)
Title: Bumblebee workingKonica Minolta Dimage S414
Bumblebee working (8)
johannareb (18)
Title: Grass and pine
Grass and pine (2)
johannareb (18)
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