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Kaustubh WadekarName: Kaustubh Wadekar
Country: India
Intro: Hi, I am Kaustubh Wadekar from Pune, Maharashtra(India).

I always been very passionate about clicking around but earlier I had Film camera and the development cost always cut down my eagerness to click. Now I got Nikon S-10 so I can go on clicking without any hesitation :)

I love Nature photography the most as Nature reveals the very trueness without any hidings.

I am very glad to share my photos with all you guys, I am on TrekEarth and TrekLens please visit my photographs there too.

All comments, tips, advices are welcome as they'll help me in taking more and more beautiful pictures.
Member Since: 2007-04-20
Camera: Nikon Coolpix S10
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Title: Bramhi - Bathing in DewNikon Coolpix S10
Bramhi - Bathing in Dew
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Title: BeeNikon Coolpix S10
Bee (2)
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Title: SunsetNikon Coolpix S10
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