Leo GarciaName: Leo Garcia
Country: Venezuela
Intro: Hello, I am a professional naturalist from Venezuela. I have been a consultant and program developer for many ecoturism programs currently running in Venezuela. My travels and adventures out of the beaten path have taken me to places where nature rules. I feel that understanding and feeling your would be subject will enhance your photographic experience. I am happy to share some of my nature adventures with other photographers in this site as your imput will help me improve techniques and views about photography.

Learning from others gives us shortcuts that will enable oneself to greater enjoyment of the art of image hunting. I hope that my contributions will help you as yours will help me in my constant search for improvement.
Member Since: 2004-08-05
Camera: Canon EOS 20D
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Title: Laughing GullCanon EOS 20D
Laughing Gull (6)
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Title: Barretera Lagoon
Barretera Lagoon (10)
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Title: Cocuy Rock
Cocuy Rock (9)
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