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Leootjuh BeerName: Leootjuh Beer
Country: Netherlands
Intro: Hello, I'm Leootjuh.

I like photography very much. At the beginning of 2007 I've bought my first very own camera and started to shoot as many as I could. I would like to share my best shots with you all and improve my skills with the comments wich I will recieve.

I'm also member of TrekEarth, but since the last couple months I've been taking a lot naturepictures so it seemed a logical step for me to become a member of TrekNature also. For this reason it can therefore occur that my pictures are both on TrekEarth and on TrekNature, because I want to share my pictures with both communities.

If you are interested to see my pictures on TrekEarth, you can watch them here .

Kind regards, Leontien
Member Since: 2007-09-24
Camera: Canon 400D Digital
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