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Name: Marlen Norling
Country: Sweden
Intro: I live in Stockholm, the capital of Sweden. I'm educated in computer science and has also a multimedia degree.
When my father bought a digitalcamera, I discovered the beautiful world behind the camera.
My favourite photos are often macro-shots.
Member Since: 2005-02-11
Camera: Minolta Dimage 7, Pentax Optio 550, Pentax Optio S5n, Sony Cybershot DSC H10
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Title: Waitin' for sunshine
Waitin' for sunshine
marlen_n (28)
Title: Lilac budPentax Optio 550
Lilac bud (2)
marlen_n (28)
Title: Wild strawberrysPentax Optio 550
Wild strawberrys (12)
marlen_n (28)
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