Martina PrchlikovaName: Martina Prchlikova
Country: Czech Republic
Intro: I live in the Czech republic in Prague which is for me one of the most beautifull towns in the world.
I am interested in photography since my childhood thanks to my father. But the real pleasure it is for me since 2003 with digital camera, which gives to me lot of possibilities, and photography became my best hobby which I share with my boyfriend Cyrille.
I like to make all kinds of photos, and especially nature and macro.

Thanks to everybody for any comments and for all beautifull photos which help me to progress
Member Since: 2004-11-15
Camera: Canon EOS 10D, Canon EOS D60
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Czech Republic
Title: Czech duckCanon EOS D60
Czech duck (2)
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Czech Republic
Title: DinnerCanon EOS 10D
Dinner (4)
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Czech Republic
Title: HedgehogCanon EOS 10D
Hedgehog (6)
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