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Name: Mike Corbett
Country: Canada
Intro: Trek Nature is a great venue to post images that show the wild life and diverse vegetation that shares the globe with us.
As I roam arround the world, I have taken pictures of different life forms, and I will put some of them up here for you all to see. Enjoy and please feel free to critique all aspects, as I learn heaps from your suggestions!
Member Since: 2005-01-10
Camera: Pentax *ist D
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New Zealand
Title: Morning SnackPentax *ist D
Morning Snack (12)
mpcorbett (39)
Title: sleeping bearPentax *ist D
sleeping bear (2)
mpcorbett (39)
New Zealand
Title: Fur Seal 1
Fur Seal 1 (2)
mpcorbett (39)
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