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Name: ken poh
Country: Malaysia
Intro: Hi,
Use to be freelance photographer back in 1996 and changing career to car mechanic. now i have settle down with my own 4WD workshop and picking up photography again. with digital now,is much easier for all the photographer out there. without film and the cost ot processing, i can shoot as much photo as i like.

when i was child, i am National Geographic magazine fan. ambition to become National Geaographic photographer, well i had miss it for sure but i will start do what i can from now on. maybe i can be nature photographer one day, hope i no going to miss this again...

Sorry that i can't thanks all that have make their time comment or critiq my work.Deep at my heart i feel very happy seeing any comment and critiq.

Million thanks to whos had view or comment or critiq my work.
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