Garry AndrewsName: Garry Andrews
Country: United Kingdom
Intro: I Started Photography when I was 10 and my first SLR was a Fujica. I bought my first Canon
(an AE1) when I was 19 and I stil have 2 and use them both. I bought my Canon EOS 300D 3 years ago and it is my main camera.
My first love is Historic motorsport followed by landscape and wildlife photography.
I also have photo's on Trekearth as redmga!
Member Since: 2008-02-15
Camera: Canon EOS300D
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Title: Hi gorgeousCanon EOS 500D
Hi gorgeous
redmga (8)
United Kingdom
Title: Avocet -
Avocet - "Take off" (4)
redmga (8)
United Kingdom
"Tiger Tiger" (2)
redmga (8)
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