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Rhonda DornName: Rhonda Dorn
Country: Canada
Intro: Photography has been an interest of mine for quite some time. I haven't started taking photos until more recently, however three years ago I spent a few years working as a technician developing photos for London Drugs.
Now I work as a dental assistant, but am trying to keep photography as a hobby. I recently started taking some night classes that I plan to continue with towards achieving a certificate in photography, and have been enjoying them immensely.
I look forward to absorbing all that I can from being a member of TN, and hope to view and post many photos as time goes by.
Well, I think that about sums it up - so let's get on with the show...
Member Since: 2006-03-23
Camera: Pentax Optio 33LF, Nikon D50, Pentax MZ-60
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