Name: Riaan Marais
Country: South Africa
Intro: I grew up in Vereeniging (Gauteng), since I can remember I had a passionate love for nature, I think it runs in the genes, my Grandfather as well as my Father exposed us to nature from a young age. I am doing the same with my children. I always wanted to see Africa, about 3 years ago I got the opportunity to go and work in Nairobi, we decided to sell the old Land Rover and bought a newer one, and of we went, for an experience I will never forget. We tried to make the most of the opportunity and see as much of Kenya as we could. Currently back in South Africa, I am longing back to East Africa.
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Camera: Nikon F80, Sony DSC-P71, Nikon D70s
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Title: Flying FoxNikon        D70s
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Title: Eish!! HangoverNikon        D70s
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