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Ruby SarkarName: Ruby Sarkar
Country: India
Intro: am the daughter of mother Nature. and Himalaya is my first love. bird watching is my passion and photography is my major way of sharing happiness.

[i had a schooling in photography, and that course had really helped me in my attachment towards photography. i have no reason to deny that.]

these apart, am a Physics post-graduate, doing little bit research in Cosmology, teaching Physics in a higher secondary school (HOD, Physics Department) and traveling as much as possible. actually, Physics is my way of understanding God (the Ultimate Truth).

few odds about me: i don't listen to music, once upon a time i used to read a lot but now i don't ~ i find that wastage of time, i love eating but can't cook, i avoid public gatherings and parties ~ i don't feel comfortable.

few things i love about myself: am honest, straight forward, i have power of reasoning, am perfectionist, active, focused, passionate, impulsive, stubborn.

can't help: i have my soul kept with Nature... whatever i do, wherever i am, i'm always dying to be with Nature. exploring Nature and sleeping are my best mood makers. a cozy hug turns me into a child.

PS: i can't say anything 'nice' until i find it nice. problem. you may call it arrogance, i call it honesty :)

if you wish, you can walk with me in:

resigned from my job. two months back. this is the last month that i shall be working over there, till the end of this current session. then i want to come back to my world of studies. want to give more time to my research, and Nature. want to learn more before i go back to teaching again. it was a tough decision to take. my workplace was my second home. the people over there love me so much. going to miss my students like hell... but i had to :/

just taking a break. and i would love to call it a long vacation :)
28/ July/ 2012

almost three months in USA. still in Memphis, may have to move to another city. don't know. everything with me is uncertain now, and am trying my best to synchronize with that. trying to feel every drop of beauty & happiness from the space and time around me. at least, that gives you certainty.
enjoying whatever new. a new land, new people and new climate. an another look of my mother Nature. another essence. but at the same time, missing my country.. my city.. my people. missing my grandma.
10/ April/ 2013

now in Massachusetts. in Marlborough. when left Tennessee, i felt so vacant.. Tennessee was full of birds and other beauties of Nature. Shelby Farms Park was as if, my home. reached Boston when it was snowing & raining. and i hated Boston. but later, as soon as i came out of Boston, i suddenly knew i was going to love Massachusetts! and within this two months.. am so comfortable here! got many like-minded people which i lacked in Memphis. joined Mass Audubon and some bird clubs, as well. happy :)
also, am a great cook now. can't believe i had such a good cook within me.. whatever i prepare that becomes the best, and perfect. strange!!
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