Name: Paul Solitudine
Country: India
Intro: Hello friends !

Thanks for showing your interest in me and being here,starting to read this.What to say more,I was really unfortunate enough to bump across this amazing group of sites,that is devoted enhance travelling,photography and nature manyfolds,and me being huge admirer of the all three is repentent not to know this for so long. Anyway,I was mesmerized after my discovery of this absolutely amazing group of sites [TE/TN/TL] so much so that for almost one and half months it took me to go through them and finally I decided to contribute a little on my own as well over here.I had been using the Internet for quite a while,and was used to experience a whole range of websites of photography,nature and travelling[which also happen to be my passion],but I wonder why it took me so long to find probably the best sites of all available in the Internet today of these categories.Well,even though I am a great nature lover,and also a phohtography enthusiast,I must say I am really nothing in comparison to the members here.Hence,by joining this site,and being here as a member my primary goal would be to learn more as much as possible about nature,photography,travelling & trekking.So, for that I would need the kind support and admiration of all my fellow members through their thoughtful comments and critques of my work while I show some of my works to the world.And hopefully I would also be successfull in making a few good frieds too!

With that,I would like to thank you all for being patient and going through my profile and wishing you a an exciting new year 2008!

Keep smiling and enjoy clicking
Have a great day all
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