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Name: tony grizzle
Country: United States
Intro: My name is Tony and I have been taking pictures for just over 20 years. I have no fomal education in photography, but sometimes get a lucky shot. I live in Texas and I have a web site of some of the places I've been.
I welcome with wide open arms any suggestions on anything that I post as far as taking a better picture. I am just honored to be posting with people like yourselves. I may not be as good, but I love having my stuff seen. To me it is art.
Member Since: 2005-12-04
Camera: Canon AE1, Nikon D80, Nikon N-80
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United States
Title: Water FallNikon N-80
Water Fall (2)
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United States
Title: Red MountainsCanon AE1
Red Mountains (4)
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United States
Title: Looks warmer than it wasNikon D80
Looks warmer than it was
texastony (96)
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