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Vignesh GiridharanName: Vignesh Giridharan
Country: India
Intro: I am a casual photographer who's interested primarily in capturing landscapes and floral beauty. I currently use a Pentax *ist DL, a Kodak Z710, and a Sony HX400V. When I don't have one of these hanging around my neck, I use my Nexus 5X.
Member Since: 2007-06-04
Camera: Kodak EasyShare Z710, Pentax *ist DL, SONY Cybershot DSC HX400V, Sony Cybershot DSC-P73
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Title: The view of a lake from KodaiSony Cybershot DSC-P73
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Title: Monkey FamilyKodak EasyShare Z710
Monkey Family (2)
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Title: Beautiful flower 1Kodak EasyShare Z710
Beautiful flower 1 (4)
vigneshg (21)
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