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Angela NelsonName: Angela Nelson
Country: United Kingdom
Intro: I became interested in photography when I had to give up work due to illness around 20 months ago.
I recieved a Canon 300D camera for christmas back then and decided I would only use it on the manual settings, forcing myself to learn.
Initially I photographed mainly reptiles and amphibians (another hobby of mine), then moved onto to include other macro subjects, simply because this expended little energy (which I have to prioritise each day). But lately I have been trying to expand into other areas of photography too, capturing larger animals, people and landscapes.
I have recently upgraded to a Canon 450D.

I am very lucky to have access to a huge array of reptiles and amphibians, as my partner and I own two large reptile shops. So many of the images I will post here will be of those creatures.
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Camera: Canon 300D, Canon 450D
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United Kingdom
Title: Green veined whiteCanon 450D
Green veined white (6)
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Title: DragonflyCanon 450D
Dragonfly (2)
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United Kingdom
Title: Common blueCanon 450D
Common blue (10)
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