Milos ooName: Milos oo
Country: Serbia
Intro: When I was young my mother thought Iím gonna be the zoologist. My passion to the nature and animals could be easily noticed starting from my early days letís say. Today I work as a manager in a bank. Youíre right, her predictions were not even close.
But every day of my life I watch in to the sky Ö streaming to the nature Ö always eager to run out of the city. What keeps me there are my photos. I`m 27, and I got my first digital camera a year ago (coolpix 5600). Up to then I was using Nikon N75. New technologies give us an opportunity to learn more by making more photos Ö relaxed.
As of October I`ll became the proud owner of fuji finepix s9500. Hope I made good choice.
I consider myself lucky from the moment I found a 3T formula (Trekearth - Treknature - Treklens). I hope it will help me to become better photographer, both by your comments and excellent photos.
I welcome your suggestions and I hope you will learn more about my hometown and my motherland through the photos that Iíll share with you.
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Camera: Fujifilm finepix S9500, Nikon Coolpix 5600, Nikon D 60
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