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I really miss the good old days Miss_Piggy Gold Star Critiquer/Gold Note Writer [C: 2285 W: 5 N: 5300] (18714)::2011-03-24 4:13
I really miss the good old days when photographers was not only photographers but also teachers of their specific photographic subject in own right. People like arfer,jmp, boreocypriences, James Parker, Loot, EOSF, Manyee, Janice, earthtraveler, wuta, marhowie, gracious, skyf, rcrick and many more (in no particular order, and only to mention a few) was still part of this site. There is a definite void with them all gone. Just saying!
Re: I really miss the good old days pirate Gold Star Critiquer/Gold Star Workshop Editor/Gold Note Writer [C: 799 W: 152 N: 1186] (7474)::2011-03-24 6:06
Fully agree
starts to get boring sometimes now, a few weeks ago there was something like a revival, but now it's very flat again.
Great losses indeed, a few new members are very active though, so maybe...
Re: I really miss the good old days uleko Gold Star Critiquer/Gold Star Workshop Editor/Gold Note Writer [C: 3396 W: 172 N: 3310] (10940)::2011-03-24 11:25
Anna, change is surely part of life and nothing is static. Over the past few years lots of new sites for photography have emerged and I'm sure every country, like Sweden, have several national Photographic sites or Photo Societies. Competition for members is fierce! Also some people have moved on after having got some experience here, just one example is Joey! Many of the people you mention, including your husband, have certainly left their mark here on the first page and won't be forgotten! No, life must go on! It's obviously up to the members at any time to make the most of it while this site could certainly also do with some up-dating.
I really miss the good old days Miss_Piggy Gold Star Critiquer/Gold Note Writer [C: 2285 W: 5 N: 5300] (18714)::2011-03-24 11:40
Hallo Ulla
I agree 100% with what you stated. I think it the friendship we had with one another that I miss the most. Sometimes joking, teasing and just having fun amongst one another, in-between the learning about nature in all parts of the world via the cameralens.
Regards and have a good day.
Re: I really miss the good old days Adanac Gold Star Critiquer/Gold Note Writer [C: 1273 W: 1 N: 6188] (21378)::2011-03-24 17:12
Hi Anna, Ulla and Tom,
I agree with everything you have all said here, but for me Anna hit the nail on the head for me personally with her last posting.
One day I shall start posting again when my wrists are better.
Re: I really miss the good old days eqshannon Gold Star Critiquer/Gold Star Workshop Editor/Gold Note Writer [C: 2458 W: 216 N: 10292] (31141)::2011-03-25 13:24
I for one, plan on coming back. My wheelchair didn't like sinter and I still cannot walk. I finally ran out of archives that came inbounds for TN. I have now however been saving up a couple shots. As soon as I get a good buffer I will be back posting.
Gods Blessings to one and all
Bob Shannon
Wilderness Washington State
Re: I really miss the good old days dmark11 Gold Star Critiquer/Gold Note Writer [C: 195 W: 9 N: 655] (2633)::2011-03-27 13:50
I am new to this site and for me these are the good old days. It is sad that the photographers mentioned in this forum are no longer posting, we would be better with them than with out. I look at thier work often, they may no longer be active on this site but have left an amazing inspirational legacy behind them. I have how many thousand great nature pictures to look at, is it about 200 thousand or so? Just like life, this site is always changing.
Happy Trekking,
Re: I really miss the good old days Luis52 Gold Star Critiquer/Gold Note Writer [C: 1175 W: 8 N: 4240] (15809)::2011-04-08 7:47
I miss the good old days too Ana. Times when we were a real family, knowing each others not only by the photos we post or by the notes writen, times when we care about each other, times when we talk about our problems and everybody try to help.
Things are getting cold here ever day you know, I dont even know when we lost the warmest feeling here in TN. Some times I also wanted to give up here but I am the only photogrpher from My country(Mexico) here and I want to show how beautiful is it, and how many diffrent species of birds we have here and let you know something about them in my notes.
Re: I really miss the good old days lovenature Gold Star Critiquer/Gold Star Workshop Editor/Gold Note Writer [C: 987 W: 52 N: 1787] (6391)::2011-04-10 16:43
I'll be back too, I'm just taking a break. Winter has been extra long and cold this year so it's been harder to get outside. TN is still a wonderful site with amazing photography to share. I check almost daily to see what is going on.

Re: I really miss the good old days Csabesz68 Gold Star Critiquer/Gold Note Writer [C: 70 W: 0 N: 113] (593)::2011-04-12 0:17
Dear Anna!
You and all our friends have right with all things stated here.
Life changes and so this site to... I am absolutely sure that all persons whom you mentioned above have their reasons to take a break. Photography is, for the big majority, a hobby and being so, we all need time for it. I my case, though I clearly couldn't be a part of the distinguish group you mentioned, I am suffering of chronic lack of time... :-( Work, family, children, crises ... So, I try to do my best... The most important thing is to be aware of the things learned here, to be thankful for those from whom we learned. And probably the most important thing is to post, comment, to do the things what we learned here.
Re: I really miss the good old days pilonm Gold Star Critiquer/Gold Star Workshop Editor/Gold Note Writer [C: 588 W: 90 N: 975] (3321)::2011-04-15 9:20
Hello Anna,

I had take a long break of TN for 3 majors reasons:

- I am an active member of 4 others french-speaking sites;
- english not being my primary language it is harder and longer for me to do comments like I want to give;
- the people you mentionned are not here anymore...;

But this year I took the resolution to post at least one picture per month on TN :)

TN stays a great site in my opinion because it let people from different countries, cultures, religions, etc to share a common love: the love of Nature. This is, I think, the power of TN over all the other website: its diversities towards the same passion: Nature Photography.

Even if the photographers you mentionned miss me alot, I know that new ones will fill the hole that some of us can feel right now.

Long life to TN :)


Re: I really miss the good old days PeakXV Gold Star Critiquer/Gold Note Writer [C: 121 W: 0 N: 544] (3135)::2011-04-23 6:17
Wow, passionate from the heart comments. Life is change! 2 people suddenly leave through the revolving door .... & three new people enter. Nature does have good old days, this is true .... but it is also constantly evolving/displaying, digital photography is in it's infancy & so is the internet. I predict greener pastures & much more fascinating imagery in the days & months to come!!!

Swami Derek(PeakXV) :)
Re: I really miss the good old days bobair Gold Star Critiquer [C: 400 W: 128 N: 1] (44)::2011-04-24 9:38
Hi Anna the problem has been going on now for nearly fours years since about September of 2008 when issues of copyright and the marking to critique later occurred.
I for one don't care to be complimented ever time I post a photo and though points are nice,they are not useful as feedback for to improve one's skills as a photographer but rather an honest kind of critique is.A good critique takes effort and well frankly most people do not to work that hard.I give critiques to photos sometimes and mostly to new comers as we old timers by now have our skills at a somewhat higher level.I like to give out the points at any rate but wish it wasn't contingent on my having to say in technical terms what is good or bad about an image.The photos are obviously what people come here to see but I enjoy what people create for their own notes just as much,especially if those notes are their own creation,maybe notes need to be critiqued as well,I digress. The people you mention in your message are all very superb photographers and probably no longer need any tips on how to go about photoing nature and no they are not really gone but rather are like you a little less than enchanted about TN anymore as am I.I still on occasion enjoy throwing up a photo for you and the whole world to see,come what may.The good old days can be here again if we want them,it just takes time and the will for it to be so.


Re: I really miss the good old days Dis. Ac. Gold Star Critiquer/Gold Note Writer [C: 1824 W: 5 N: 7663] (24509)::2011-04-26 10:25
I don't have the time to come often and try at least been posting one picture each week.
That's my choice otherwise choise 2 is leave TN... an then difinetly.
Not that i am good photographer but the critiques are less., the point system still goes on....
Critique given is getting back critiques.....
No it is not my reel site anymore, ofcouse i misses the friendship.... but give me time and make an day 28 hours....
Re: I really miss the good old days Janice Gold Star Critiquer/Gold Star Workshop Editor/Gold Note Writer [C: 3277 W: 148 N: 6163] (18832)::2011-05-06 3:33
Hi Anna and other friends
I really missed my time here on TrekNature, and all my old friends.
I learnt so much from the TN members back in 2005/6/7/8... They would give me honest critiques - and tell me what was wrong with my photos. Yes, it was hard at first, but I am so thankful I stuck at it and slowly learnt how to improve and take better photos.
But things change, and in the end I found that it was getting too hard. I didn't want to post and not critique, so I slowly stopped both.
Maybe I will come back, I'm not too sure. But I do come back and check you all out now and then
Best regards
Re: I really miss the good old days scroller Silver Note Writer [C: 7 W: 0 N: 19] (99)::2011-05-26 14:29
The problem lyes in what you are missing. Of course people are moving forward to other sites and communities, thats natural, and part of the great Internet. But the thing is that it really doesn't matter how good quality a photo have here on TN. Many photos are really great and well deserve their points, but what also matters is if you have a golden star by your name or not, due to "old friendship", critiques comes much more easier. If you look at any member, with few exceptions, all their, like 20-30 first photos, have low points or none. Booth TN and TE are more of a social clubs. Here at TN it comes much more clear since it is less users and active members. If TN shall grow to what it was, then it is every members responsibility to encourage new members and do so even if their star is grey or they don't have any at all. A new member needs to be encouraged otherwise you are out due to lack of interest. The key is keeping the new members then you will have a living dynamic site and new good experts will comes forward and you will educate new great photographers. Then it's also easier to keep old members. I think you also understand the importance of being seen in the beginning, you are a great example of that, thank you. About the educational part its of course important, but i some cases I feel it is "too" academic. A good note doesn't have to be like 2000 words. A good and interesting note can as in some cases have a reference for those people who wants to know more. Don't miss the good old days, remember them as good days, and create good nowadays this is a great site and an extraordinary good idea!