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Hi George

Thank you for commenting on this image and for making an effort to try and "improve" on the colour spectrum via your workshop. I especially appreciate the fact that you correctly observed the rarity (or uniqueness) of the capture. However, I am just a little surprised with your statement: "In my opinion the colours in the original are a bit unbalanced for unknown reason". If you did a little research on the 2 subjects you would have noticed that the colour rendition of both species is perfectly normal and accurate. Post processing could be a pitfall if one doesn't compare the result with the natural colours of the subjects reflected.

The Dwarf mongoose is described as ranging from dark-brown to reddish-brown and the overall appearance is somewhat grizzled with no markings or contrasting colours. Now if one compares this to your workshop one sees a black mongoose with contrasting yellowish-brown areas. It seems like this rendition is rather unbalanced. During the 20 odd years that I've been travelling through South Africa's nature parks and reserves I've never came across a black Dwarf mongoose. So too I've never seen a black one in any book or on any Internet source. In fact I have a few that frequently visits my garden and I have had ample time and opportunity to observe them and I am quite satisfied that the colour spectrum of my posted image is spot-on.

The Tawny plated lizard derives its name from its overall colour or hue. The word "tawny" is described as being "a light brown to brownish-orange colour or the colour of tanned leather". Another source describes it as "a shade of brown tinged with orange or yellowish brown". My books on reptiles describe this lizard as follows: "It is yellow-brown (straw coloured to light brown) on the upper surface with each scale being darker in the centre which gives it a speckled or striped appearance. The belly is a light to dark brown with the chin and throat usually yellow or cream". Once again, it certainly doesn't seem to match the colours of the subject in your workshop.

Finally, what is the colour of straw? In this image one can see numerous tufts of straw in the foreground. The Free Online Dictionary describes the colour of straw as being "somewhat yellowish, pale yellow or tinged with yellow". It goes on to describe yellowish as being "of the color intermediate between green and orange in the colour spectrum; of something resembling the colour of an egg yolk". Surely this means that the overwhelming colour hue of straw is yellowish and not whitish as in your workshop.

I realize that the way we see our digital images is much dependant on the ability of our monitors. Therefore I made sure that I viewed your workshop (as well as my posted image) on 4 different monitors. I am satisfied that in all cases I have come to the same conclusion as described above. After all, I believe the colour spectrum of my own monitor is pretty accurate as it is colour coded with a Spyder 2Pro. I use a 22 inch wide-screen Samsung monitor, the Samsung SyncMaster 2232GW LCD. Some specifications includes: Resolution: 1680x1050, Pixel-response rate: 2ms, and Contrast ratio: 3000:1. While it certainly is not one of the top-end monitors it surely is by far not too shabby and quite capable to provide an accurate colour rendition.

Best regards
South Africa
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