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Title: Geranium BronzeNikon D5200
Geranium Bronze (22)
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TO SRIKUMAR marius-secan Gold Star Critiquer/Gold Note Writer [C: 2007 W: 0 N: 5411] (29584)::2016-04-11 5:39
I am usually more restrained in expressing opinions but I read the conversation by relating the photo and your comment.
I prefer morning sun or afternoon sun to take butterfly pictures.....
I like the sun to "wash" the entire wing of the butterfly...but it is not always so....often I have free time for photos only between 12 am - 16 pm.
Morning and evening ours are recommended in most textbooks of photography but I do not think that should be a rule.
Wings are highlighted by light falling obliquely.
It is a 3d effect obtained only with oblique light....
I like this butterfly with his amazing and colorful wings.
Re: TO SRIKUMAR Hotelcalifornia Gold Star Critiquer/Silver Workshop Editor/Gold Note Writer [C: 1495 W: 24 N: 2203] (14316)::2016-04-11 10:25
Hello Marius,
It's nice to go through your comment to know your thinking on Photography. Yes, like you, I also don't get much time, except WE.
It's true that we don't get perfect light all time. But I prefer "Golden Hour" very much, so when we go KNP, We don't miss our morning and evening game drive.
I think 'Direct Light' on subject has both good and bad impact. It gives us fast shutter speed, narrow apertures, lower ISO, sharp picture, sufficient DOF and we get with out blurry photograph. But we couldn't avoid too much contrast and harsh shadow. Sometime BG gets brighter than the subject.
Sometime we face "Front Light" which comes just behind us. It also provides great image but LOOKS FLAT WITHOUT TEXTURE OR FINE DETAILS.
So, my preference goes to "Golden Hour" light; two hours before sunset and two hours after sunrise. This time I get natural yellow tint and definitely I use AUTO WB (Not for Sunset/Sunrise scene).
So experiment going on (smile).
Don't hesitate to share your view HONESTLY on my photographs.
Thanks again and regards,