To angybone: Hi Angelinajmirah::2007-04-23 15:49
I had to follow him around for quite a while before he would let me photograph him. I have what I think is a photo with better focus and detail but a leaf bisected him so I posted this one. A dragonfly is almost weightless for it's size. They remind me of mini helecopters hovering and darting around. They feed mainly on mosquitos so there is always, maybe once a year, a major hatch of a very large type right after a major mosquito hatch. Hundreds, no..thousands-maybe millions, of them dart around eating mosquitos for a few days and then just as suddenly as they came, they die. The Seawall will be covered with dead dragonflies. I hate mosquitos!!! The images of little flying devils with pitchforks in artistic renditions of Hell are really mosquitos....In Austin you should not have a mosquito problem as it is home to soooooo many bats. Do you have a bathouse??? Thanks for writing and the compliment on the photo :)
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To angybone: Hi Angelina jmirah Gold Star Critiquer/Gold Note Writer [C: 509 W: 5 N: 1141] (4687)::2007-04-23 15:49