To Heaven: Strong Contrast and Over ExposureSynevja::2007-09-28 8:06
I seem to get that alot in the landscapes I take. So you are saying to meter in the sky and then snap the shot? The picture would then come out underexposed and I can lighten it with photoshop or something else.

Would that take away from the details? I am almost wondering if I could work on playing with the knobs instead of just pointing and shooting, I just got this camera in February so I am still trying to master it. Would f stop or ISO settings have changed this at all?

Thank you so muchfor your critque and help Markus! :o)
Title: Moraine LakeCanon EOS Digital Rebel XTi
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To Heaven: Strong Contrast and Over Exposure Synevja (24)::2007-09-28 08:06