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Recipe 1 (for winter preservation)

I'll write for you the way I do this things. I'm just an amateur cook and I like to experiment a lot. Sometimes with good results, sometime not.
Preprocessing: after washing the mushrooms and clearing all the small branches and earth pieces (which Hydnum has usually a lot),
I cut the mushroom in pieces (not to small) and give them a boil cca 10 min in water with salt and a little vinegar. I'll trow away the water (which became yellowish) that took away the slightly bitter taste of some of the mushrooms; I'm not disposing the water on all mushrooms that I cook, for some of them (like Boletes, but other too) has a wonderfull aroma.
Now you have two options for winter conservation:
1.Easy way: put in bags and to the freezer.
2.Tasty way: select some glass jars that have a sealable lid.
Take some healthy onions and slice them.
Take few carrots and round slice them.
You can slice the mushrooms too if you think the pieces are to big.
Put in the jars alternate layers: sliced onion with few carrots rounds, then mushrooms. Start with onion layer and make sure the last layer in the jar to be onion too. After filling the jars, pour in it a warmed (but not hot) solution with water, salt and a bit of vinegar; the salt and vinegar concentration to be up on your taste, but take care with the salt to not ruin the mushrooms aroma.
So pour this solution slowly to let it fill up any air bags could form in between the layers. Make sure that the solution covers entirely the layers.
Put a little bit of preservative (I'm doing fine with a quarter aspirin in a 800 ml jar), and close well the lid.(that way that if you turn the jar upside-down, the liquid will not pour out)
Let the jars cool down to the room temperature, after that, do a Pasteurization.
This is how I do the Pasteurization: I cover the jars each around with a newspaper or some cloth and I put them together into a larger recipient with water, in that way that the water covers the jars to the lid (lid stays out). I put it to a small fire and let it to boil for 40 min (clocking starts when the boiling starts).
Then I just leave them to cool down till the next day in the same water.
That way you'll have the mushrooms ready for other cooking cca 2 years. Sometimes I open the lid and I eat the mushrooms that way, as a salad.

I'll come with another one.
Regards, Petru
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