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The Crested Fireback pheasants include four different sub-species which are all endemic to the tropical rainforest regions of Thailand, Malaya, Sumatra and Borneo. Due to habitat destruction these pheasants are listed under Appendix III as a near threatened species. These are striking birds, particularly the males with their cobalt blue faces and dark metallic blue plumage. The male Bornean Crested Fireback pheasant is a splendid looking bird. It has a mainly blue/black body with the metallic sheen seen in many of the pheasants. The lower breast is copper coloured with a deeper shade of reddish brown on the back. They have a wide (vertically) curved tail which is cream at the top with the contrasting bottom feathers being the same bluish shade of black as the main body. The face has bright blue wattles which are expanded to twice the size when the bird is displaying. The hen also has a blue face. She has a brown body with white streaks on her breast.

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