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I appreciate your comment - the strong light was my greatest limitation here. I did unsharp the photo, but doing it again caused a lot of noise. I even tried to go back and desaturate the lighting a tad, but that made the image look worse.

He was way up on the pole, so you're correct in guessing that the lens was extended all the way. Also, I'm certain my hands were slightly shaky (hot and humid this day) and that accounts for a little of the image not being as sharp as it could have been.

In the end though, those eyes nailed me and I wanted to save the image. I've thought about cloning out the wooden pole that's next to where he's perched and perhaps shadows and highlights might be a tool to play around with later today just to see 'what happens' because I want to improve this. If I can bring him out more, decrease the lighting some, get rid of the wooden pole, then I think this would make a terrific bookmark - it will be as if eyes are staring down at the page, lol!

Kathy :-)
Ps: I know a lot about these birds because I just love them - just ask Bob, he'll tell you! In fact, after this was taken, we went to a lake and there was a guy there letting his dog go for a romp in the water. As we watched his dog play, I allowed mine to join him and then looked up to see an Osprey in hunting mode. I pointed it out to the guy who had the other dog as I proceeded to watch the predatory bird.

He asked some questions about them, all of which I answered. He wondered if she was going to down for a fish and I said not yet. When asked how I knew, I replied her talons weren't down - and that's an excellent indication that she hadn't spotted anything that caught her fancy. After, we spent several minutes discussing Ospreys. Wing-span, diet, breeding, mating, life span, and so on. The information I shared with him was a combination of observing them for three years and reading anything I could get my hands on regarding them. In fact, I was so taken with them that my Mama (before she passed away) helped me out by keeping an eye out for information on predatory birds and when she found something, she managed to find a way to obtain it for me.

We have several that nest around here and I'm so blessed to have friends who don't seem to mind taking me to a few of them so I can have these images and share them with people.

Energy is the one thing I miss out of all this - but the good news? I've been referred to the Mayo Clinic and I'm hopeful they can provide some medication to slow the disease down - but meanwhile, I simply take photos of what I can find wherever I'm at!

If you get more information on these wonderful birds, please feel free to share!

Happy snapping,
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