To Csabesz68: I thank you.wildlife::2011-01-11 23:43
I really thank you for your critiquing my photo. We obviously have very different taste in how we want our photos to look. You like the scenic look in your wildlife photos while I like emphasis on detail. I have the original of this photo on one of my 60 CD'S without the signature. I also have about 20 other poses of this same bird. I used this one here on TREKNATURE to show the quality of my photos and placed the signature where I did so that I would be harder for someone to cut off. If someone wanted to purchase a print, I have the originals to supply their needs. But, I do agree that I should have included the data with it, but the easiest way to display this pic was to retrieve it from Flickr. When doing this, you can't retrieve data info from there. United States
Title: Barn SwallowCanon 50D
Barn Swallow (10)
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To Csabesz68: I thank you. wildlife Silver Note Writer [C: 8 W: 0 N: 42] (259)::2011-01-11 23:43