To Hormon_Manyer: thank you and hi! :))))MoscaPhoto::2011-05-11 18:35
hi laszlo!

thanks for your note! i appreciate everything you've said and look forward to talking with you more!

this is my first time posting on this site and am looking forward to more AND to see what others are doing too. what a great way to share our art!

now, onto what you have said:

1) shadows and contrast: the time was late. sunset was in full-force; shadows were naturally long and prominent. the air was clear from pollutants and dust. i use my Nikon D3. i guarantee that besides a bit or curves and sharpening, that is exactly how that landscape looked. i do this for a living and never would i overedit any image. so maybe it's your monitor calibration that make my image look overly done up. if it truly were overly done up, i would agree with you that too much contrast and too many shadows are too much.

2) horizon tilting to the right: this was a slight hill. seriously. i am a FREAK when it comes to horizons being straight. i don't accept landscaped being tilted unless the actual ground is tiled, in which case i document the sight as it truly is. tilted to the right. if you look at the very left of the foreground horizon, you'll see an even more accentuated tilt towards the sky. that's where a sharper hill begins. so yes, there is a tilt, it was a natural occurrence in the high dessert of nevada where i was.

3) vignetting: i delineate my images with vignettes and it is my style. it has always been so it's something i regularly do. again, it might look like it's too much to you because of a different monitor calibration. each person with a different computer will see an image differently. that is actually a downfall of digitally showing images nowadays... if you were to come to my house, i would show you all of my images printed large and on the wall. if i were to print multiples of those same images, they would all look exactly the same, unlike via different monitors. what counts is that i am consistent with my photography and my art, which i am. i agree about too much vignetting being distracting in some people's photos. i don't believe mine are and i've never been told that by anyone since i've been in business from 2003.

4) pointless watermark: not sure what you mean here. why would a watermark crediting me as the artist be pointless? in this day and age, anyone can grab anyone's photos and re-blog, re-tumble, re-post, re-facebook, re-etc... the least i can do in order to maintain my name associated with my photo, is to include a watermark. it is on every single image of mine that i have ever taken that has ever been on line and it is unobtrusive but legible. that's definitely not ever going to change. professional photographers such as myself, are always vulnerable to images being stolen, used as someone else's and used without permission. i suggest anyone who rund a business in the photography realm to nicely and clearly include a watermark. it is also an easy way for a curious person to get in touch with me if they were curious about any photo of mine or about hiring me as a professional. so, yes. the watermark stays ;)

again... THANK YOU for your words though!
this is why i wanted to give this site a try, to make new friends and to chit chat about the art of photography!
i hope to connect with you more and can't wait to roam around YOUR photos too!

have a beautiful day!!!

~ Alice :) (
United States
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To Hormon_Manyer: thank you and hi! :)))) MoscaPhoto (5)::2011-05-11 18:35
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