To oscarromulus: not captured.TARMAC::2014-05-29 2:30
This is not a captured species this was hand reared after being abandoned or the mother was killed. The people who look after these birds do so on a passion to save these birds. We as humans are slowly destroying their natural habitat and so they need to be used to show awareness to the fact that they could become extinct. Also to have them lay their eggs in captivity to be let out into the wild. You don't know me, so to say it puts a black mark on my character I take as a personal insult and you should reconsider your opinion. I will not be removing the shot.
If you look at my upload of the Eagle Owl you will see in my notes that I would prefer to see them in their natural habitat.
Regards Arnie.
United Kingdom
Title: Great Grey OwlCanon 450D
Great Grey Owl (÷)
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To oscarromulus: not captured. TARMAC (78)::2014-05-29 02:30