To peter_stoeckl: ws on aurora photofredi::2006-05-18 6:46
Hi Peter. And thanks for the ws. Although your ws does not compare entirely with what I saw (which of course is difficult to know) it does illustrate very well the point. I something in between your and mine would a good compromise, and more color corrections obviously needs to made. I have heard similar comments before (didnīt see your comment before answering Evelynn), but I havenīt heard often enough to alter the image. I do think you are right in your reasoning and I will experiment with processing it differently to make it darker etc. As it is now I mostly adjusted levels, and tried to color correct to get the right wb for the complicated lighting conditions.

Thanks for pointing this out and making the ws! I will enjoy making new and better versions.

Best, Fredrik
Title: Volcanic Aurora BorealCanon EOS 300D
Volcanic Aurora Boreal (60) *
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To peter_stoeckl: ws on aurora photo fredi Silver Note Writer [C: 0 W: 0 N: 33] (200)::2006-05-18 06:46