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I have to say that I did not like your comment at all. Please name the country in which it is forbidden by law to take pictures of birds nests.
Further more I do not think that taking pictures of birds nests is disturbing the bird since they naturally leave nests for a while to feed (some of them) and to defecate (all of them). The bird will not leave its nest even after being disturbed since the investment in eggs and chicks is far too great to be thrown away because methos took a picture of its nest.
What do you feel about people who ring birds and chicks in the name of science? Are they not disturbing birds while nesting?
What about people involved in the protection of birds who hang out artificial nests and then go and take the chick out of its nest, wheigh it, ring it, measure it and then return it back to the nest? Are they not disturbing the nest?
Is this a site in which we are supposed to learn about nature? How are we supposed to learn about birds nests and eggs (a part of nature) if we do not see them?
How do you feel about scientists taking animals out of their natural environment, putting them into a laboratory, taking pictures of them, many times disturbing LOTS of other species during the capture (what I see there is not disturbing its a masacre)? Of course some may say that that is in the name of science but how do you know that what I did is not in the name of science. And furthermore I do not show LOTS and LOTS of eggs and chicks collected into buckets.
Another thing...please perform a search over TN to see how many people have taken pictures of nests/eggs/chicks. Since you only took a shot at me I think you have something against me, considering you hunted all my pictures of eggs/nests. So I must conclude that you have something agains me as a person (or alias). If this is the case please tell me and we can resolve the conflict in a constructive manner.
Face it...people will do out of passion a lot of things that other people may not agree with or may consider stupid!
Thank you!
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