To joey: Hello Joey,koreagreg::2007-05-07 6:19
This area where the birds are has a bald hill behind and higher than them. It gives a clear view into the nests from slightly above or slightly below. The shot is with a 400 mm all the way out and on digital it is more equivelant to 600 I suppose so we were keeping a safe distance and not worrying or stressing them too much.

Glad you liked the shot, I have a whole series of them and will post more in the next few days. From one of the wider shots you will see that without moving my feet I could see 10 nests at a time...

South Korea
Title: 3 Heron ChicksNikon D200
3 Heron Chicks (12) *
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To joey: Hello Joey, koreagreg (42)::2007-05-07 06:19