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Ancient Egyptian Monuments by Guenther Eichhorn (redbaron) (18) :: 2006-02-06 - 2006-02-19 :: 4148 Views

In February, 2006 I spent two weeks in Egypt. It was absolutely fantastic. The ancient Egyptian architecture is overwhelming.... (full story) (3 photos)

Ecuador - Snow Capped Peaks, Rainfo by Guenther Eichhorn (redbaron) (18) :: 2004-02-22 - 2004-03-05 :: 5067 Views

In February/March of 2004 I visited Ecuador and the Galápagos islands. I spent 3 days in Quito and visited the Mindo Cloud Forests and the volcano Cotopaxi. Then I spent almost 2 weeks in the Galápagos Islands for Scuba diving and land visits to a few of the islands. A year later, in February 2005, I visited the rain forest in Ecuador. Ecuador is well worth a visit.... (full story) (4 photos)