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Ctenosaura Similis (50)
RII Gold Star Critiquer/Gold Note Writer [C: 481 W: 0 N: 895] (2862)
Ctenosaura Similis.

Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Class: Reptilia
Order: Squamata
Family : Iguanidae
Scientific Name: Ctenosaura Similis

Diagnostic Description: The adults can distinguish by dark bands hanchas and poorly defined, are generally four, on their yellow color.

The part dorsal superior can have opaque or orange red spots. The body this place setting of fine grudges and the tail serves to him like defense since posse great grudges and filosas. Garrobo is distinguished of iguana, because it does not have a great grudge in a flank of the head like iguana, furthermore its color is green and the tail is longer and it only is in fresh sites near the rivers.

Distribution: Its distribution this constituted from the south of Mexico to Panama

Natural History: The garrobos are heliotérmics (regulation of temperature by the environment)

They only leave its refuge for asplearce. The corporal temperature that they prefer is of 36-37 degrees, the one that maintain by the termorregulación behavior.

They have very strong claws that help him to investigate quickly. The most common refuges are underneath stones, roots and trunks. The madriguera offers refuge to many animal classes like: mammals, serpents, other small lizards and several invertebrates.

The garrobos are territorial and defend their refuge; the aggressiveness within the territory varies according to the station. The youthful ones in their first year become aggressive but they do not challenge the adults. They can have a friendly association with the female and share refuge.

These it is mainly vegetarian, likes to eat flowers of (rosea Tabebuia) Oak Savannah, (ochracea Tabebuia) Yellow Cortez and others. Also they are predators of bats, rodents, eggs of small lizards, frogs and chicks of small birds.

Maturity both obtains the sexual it to years, the female has a brood of 22 eggs approximately and the adult of 70 eggs. The mating begins in December to February (up to 5 females they can lay eggs in the same madriguera).

The appearance happens from April to Julio. Between its great predators they are serpent, hawks, magpies, foxs, raccoons and the main one of all, the man.

Where To find it: Droughts to the stocky forests can be found from the forests and to the scrubs, the adults are enough arboreal ones and also terrestrial, in the nights they happen in hollows of trees and they raise to supply in the highest branches.

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I have a short time on internet, saw your excellent portrait and tried to lift the brownish tinge from your take to reveal the true colours of this fine reptile, hope you will like this version.

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