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Caracara Cheriway 1 (42)
RII Gold Star Critiquer/Gold Note Writer [C: 481 W: 0 N: 895] (2862)
Caracara Cheriway

Kindom : Animalia
Philo : Chordata
Class : Birds
Order : Falconiformes
Family : Falconidae
Scientific Name : Caracara Cheriway (Miller, 1777)

Diagnóstic Description : It measures 61 cm. and weight 1 kg Is relatively great, with the neck, the more or less long wings and legs. In the adults the crown (even the short crest) is black; the rest of the head is white, and acquires black fastening with bars in the neck and black solid in the body and the wings becomes most of. The fastened with bars white patch slightly is fastened with bars with black in primary the external ones, and the tail is white, fastened with bars, with the black terminal band and widens. The rainbow is coffee; the face is naked and the wax is of orange to red. The tip is whitish and the legs are yellow. The immature units are similarities, although much more opaque, generally more coffee; the chest more or less is listed instead of fastened with bars.

Hábitat : They prefer the abiertas areas, savannahs, pastures, areas of culture, charrales, beaches and edges of deciduos and evergreen forests.

Reproduction: Its nest is an open framework and voluminous made of small sticks, straw and stems of rush, usually located at the top of a palm or tree of small leaves. They put 2 or 3 eggs (rarely 4) white, dimmed with different tones from coffee, and profusely stained with darker coffee. They reproduce of December to March. In the month of September a emplumado youthful unit was also observed that received attention of both parents, and the copulación of a pair in the thin branch of a tree.

Feeding : They walk on the ground in search of small dead animal or attack some such as serpents, frogs, rodents and chicks. It is common to observe to feed itself them on the animal run over by vehicles, in the highways

Behavior: It is observed solitaires to them or in small groups.

Distribution : One is from the south of E.U.A to the Earth of the Fire and the Falklands Islands.