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I Couldn't Help It (40)
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You do not have to give smileys today...I have no time to crit and still keep 24/7 on my website. I have a snow emergency here to deal with and it may get worse..

This is right behind my apartment door. It is the field where my wildflowers grown much of the spring and summer. I have posted many images from here of insects and floras. is full of snow...and to be in the nature style...just to be politically correct...:

Snow is a type of precipitation in the form of crystalline water ice, consisting of a multitude of snowflakes that fall from clouds. The process of this precipitation is called snowfall.

Since snow is composed of small ice particles, it is a granular material. It has an open and therefore soft structure, unless packed by external pressure.Snow crystals form when tiny supercooled cloud droplets (approx 10μm in diameter) freeze. These droplets are able to remain liquid at temperatures colder than 0C because in order to freeze, a few molecules in the liquid droplet need to get together by chance to form an arrangement close to that in an ice lattice; then the droplet freezes around this 'nucleus'. Experiments show that this 'homogeneous' nucleation of cloud droplets only occurs at temperatures colder than -35C.[1] In warmer clouds an aerosol particle or 'ice nucleus' must be present in (or in contact with) the droplet to act as a nucleus. Our understanding of what particles make efficient ice nuclei is poor - what we do know is they are very rare compared to that cloud condensation nuclei which liquid droplets form on. Clays, desert dust and biological particles may be effective,[2] although to what extent is unclear. Artificial nuclei include silver iodide and dry ice, and these form the basis of cloud.

I promise to be back as soon as my own back is back and I can walk:-) that should be a frown, but I am having a Busch Lite:-)

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White Balance
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Hi Bob
I correct the WB most for fun, it's
not easy to get the snow right (White)
Best Regards