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Black-chinned Sparrow (32)
Luis52 Gold Star Critiquer/Gold Note Writer [C: 1175 W: 8 N: 4240] (15809)
General description.
As its name would imply, the "Black-chinned Sparrow" is handsomely adorned with a black throat and chest, conspicuous against white underparts. 2 white stripes, above and below the eye, finish his striking appearance.

Female appearance.Female resembles her mate.
Juvenile appearance.White throat and gray streaked breast.

Breeding habits.
In March and April the "Black-chinned Sparrow" heads for northeastern California, Wyoming and Colorado to breed. This energetic sparrow will most likely produce two broods annually.

Calls or song.
A dramatic tenor, the "Black-chinned Sparrow" swells his breast while singing an aria of sweet and varied trills,"cheet, cheet, cheeeeeeee".

Population and distribution.
Because of his habitat in the Mojave and other arid regions, this bird is often called "Desert Sparrow". Aptly so, as it can go without water for long periods, getting sufficient moisture from insects and plants. The "Black-chinned Sparrow" may also be found on juniper-dotted slopes up to 7,000 feet. They return to desert regions of the southern United States to winter.

Nesting habits.
These birds make a loosely constructed cup of bark, grass and stems, which they line with any material available, such as feathers, wool, hair, etc. This is built in a clump of sage to house four white eggs.


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