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Pseudochazara lydia (10)
KOMSIS Gold Star Critiquer/Gold Note Writer [C: 820 W: 0 N: 2419] (10674)
Altitude : 1885 meters
Pseudochazara lydia, (Staudinger,1878)

-Common Name : The Lydian Tawny Rockbrown

-Turkish Name : Lidya Yalancı Cadı Kelebeği.

-Distribution in Turkey : Western and Eastern Mediterranean, Western Anatolia.

-Distribution in the World : It is a Turkish endemic species.

-Living Area : This butterfly species occurs on grassy places and road verges at the edge of mixed Pinus or Quercus woodland, 800 up to 1800 meters above sea level.

-Flight time : Pseudochazara Lydia lies in one generation from Late-June-late August, according to altitude.

-Food Plants of the caterpillar : The caterpillar feeds on various grasses (Poaceae).

-Description-Notes: Typical area," South West Anatolia-Mediterranean" Turkey. A local species, restricted to (semi-) natural areas. The Pseudochazara group is one of the hardest to define groups. The biggest feature that will help in the definitions in this group is the two small white spots between the two eye spots under the pre-wing. But, it is the only type of Pseudochazara that has no white spots between the black spots on the front wing. Hindwing is mottled gray and ocher brown; an irregular grayish median band and a row of reddish brown postmedian bars are often quite obvious, so is the dark, wavy submarginal line.

- Front Wing Lenght : 28-30 mm long.

-The origin of the name : Lydia was situated in the Western part of Asia Minor on the river Galis with its main city Sardis. It was celebrated for fertile soil and rich deposits of gold and silver. According to Herodotus, the Lydians were the first people to use gold and silver coins and the first to establish retail shops in permanent locations.

-Endangerment factors : Least Concern. This species is listed as Least Concern. This species is not believed to face major threats.

-Similar Species :
• Klug's Tawny Rockbrown - Pseudochazara pelopea, (Klug, 1832)
• Moroccan Grayling - Pseudochazara atlantis (Austaut, 1905)
• Grecian Grayling - Pseudochazara graeca (Staudinger, 1870)
• Lydian Tawny Rockbrown - Pseudochazara lydia (Staudinger 1878)
• Baluchi Rockbrown - Pseudochazara thelephassa (Geyer, [1827])
• White-banded Grayling - Pseudochazara anthelea (Hübner, [1823-1824])
• Persian Rock Brown - Pseudochazara schakuhensis (Staudinger, 1881)
• Tawny Rockbrown - Pseudochazara mniszechii (Herrich-Schaffer, [1851])


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KOMSIS Gold Star Critiquer/Gold Note Writer [C: 820 W: 0 N: 2419] (10674)
Edited by:KOMSIS Gold Star Critiquer/Gold Note Writer [C: 820 W: 0 N: 2419] (10674)

Antalya province, Döşemealtı district, near the Feslikan plateau. 2019-September-09. A worn, discolored Pseudochazara lydia butterfly.